Do you want to surprise your girlfriend but you are on a budget?

You’re on a budget, but you also want to give a little surprise to your lover. The question is, does surprising your lover really need to be expensive?

There are ways where you can surprise your girlfriend without emptying your pocket. The surprise doesn’t need to be expensive. Always remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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So how can you surprise your love without emptying your pocket? Check out this list.


If you are a man, why not try giving your girlfriend a flower? One, two, three, or more, it doesn’t matter how many flowers you give her. Again, it’s the thought that counts!

Give A Handwritten Letter

I swear, a handwritten letter surprise never gets old. Write your admiration towards your lover and see how can that make her day even better.

Watch Movie In Your Place

If you don’t have an appointment, why not watch a new movie together in your place?

Chocolate Bar with a Sticky Note

I can still remember how my lover sneaked that chocolate bar inside my bag with a sticky note on it saying his admiration.


You’ll never go wrong with coffee. And oh! You can add a note to it as well!  read more